My coachings are always one on one.
So it’ll be just you, me and your dog. Which gives us the opportunity to only address your own personal subjects in your own personal pace.
This way problems can be seen, worked on and solved with only a few coachings.

*So far things go well with you and your dog, except this tiny, little problem…

*You’ve already been to a seminar and want me to quickly look things over…

*You’re not one to buy a pig in a poke and want to get to know me before you make a commitment….

… then I recommend the SINGLE LESSON

60 €

*Your issues are a bit more intense, but you’re optimistic and willing to practice keenly…
*You’ve read Ulli Reichmann’s book and are a true talent but still things don’t work smoothly…
*Everything is fine with you and your dog and you simply want to learn how to walk your hunting affiliated dog using your body language and understanding his…

…then I recommend the THREESOME 😉 (3 hrs.)

165 €

*Somehow your daily routine is pure desaster, everything is awful and your walks are filled with stress….
*You’re devastated and only dare to leave the house in the dark…
*Your dog is a highly motivated hunter, you’ve been through all the training methods and nothing has worked…
/A puppy or new dog has moved in and you want to do things right from the very beginning…

….then I recommend the HIGH FIVE (5 hrs.)

270 €

*Things are fine, your only issue is meeting other dogs. Your dog goes berserk when seeing or only smelling his fellows.

Then the SOCIALWALK will help.

Only you, your dog and my dogs 60 €

Two human/dog teams each team 30 €

Three human/dog teams each team 20 €

  • a 10 km drive is included
  • I charge 0,80 € per every extra driven kilometer