About me

Born 1969 as the daughter of an animal keeper and grown up in the Stuttgart Zoo, I had always had close contact to the most different animals and their handling and the studying of them communicating were just natural and fascinated me for as long as I can think.

Dogs have always played a big role in my life, but my first own dog has only moved in with us in 2007, a stray spanish sighthound.
And he’s been the true master of “canine misbehaviour” ever since …
He hunts, he’s not really into meeting other dogs and finds obedience completely overrated 😉

So my odyssee through the wide, wide world of dogtraining began and I dived deeply into the matter.
After a whole bunch of internships and seminars I came to realise, most of these methods, based on corrections and punishment DONT work for me and I most definitely DON’T want to earn my dogs “obedience” by mistreating them over and over again, until they finally “function” out of fear.
In early 2016 destiny luckily flushed Ulli Reichmann into my life, whose wonderful books changed everything for us. Ever since my dogs and me have been walking the “Pathways of Friendship”